Creative Complexity

We are a strategic design studio with the ambition to understand, define and solve complex problems.

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We explore

the roots and causes of whatever question, gut feeling or challenge you're facing.

Brand Strategy Trend Analysis Competitive Analysis Customer Segmentation Problem Framing

We experiment

with ideas, tools and scenarios to identify and evaluate the best solutions.

Scenario Development Rapid Prototyping MVP Development User Research

We empower

your team to understand underlying dynamics & trends to make confident decisions.

Custom Frameworks Process Design Lightning Talks Workshop Facilitation Knowledge Transfer

We did it before

2020 Humor Hilft Heilen Rebranding
2020 MDR Product Prototyping
2020 themis Product Validation
2022 Muson Opportunity Analysis
2022 Shell (Renewables) Habit Design
2022 ARD Knowledge Building
2023 MDR Curriculum Development

These are selected projects. Please be aware that most of our work is confidential due to the nature of its objectives and impact on the organizations.

Together, we could:

Challenge & validate your business or product idea from an outside perspective Identify barriers and opportunities within the existing customer experience Develop scenarios for future products developments Set up frameworks and processes to transfer knowledge and prioritize ideas Support you in framing ambiguous issues and problems

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Hi, I'm
Katharina Köth

Owner & Experience Director of Creative Complexity

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I founded Creative Complexity as an appreciation for the world as it is: weirdly wonderful and constantly changing; where people seamlessly wander between their analog and digital lives.

For brands and businesses alike, this brings both chances to grow and challenges to face, like rising user expectations, changing societal values and growing technological dependecies.

With a network of trusted freelancers and partners, we're here to support you in embracing this complexity with creative thinking.